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Our pieces are much more than a colourful decor piece! Scroll to learn the variety of ways to use our products to organize your spaces, while keeping them aesthetically pleasing.   IN THE KITCHEN Kitchens can become easily cluttered between appliances, dinnerware, and accessories. Here are some ways you can use our products in your kitchen or pantry: ○ Use our small or medium trays to organize coffee pods, napkins, or other small accessories ○ Use our large trays to organize your plates, mugs, and dinnerware ○ Use our coasters for your beverages ○ Use our extra-large trays to organize and display cookbooks and decor    IN THE OFFICE Staying organized is key when it comes to your office space!...

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  STEP 1: START WITH A BASE The first step to styling the perfect coffee table is to start with a strong base. A large tray or coffee table book is usually our go-to! These pieces should be big enough to layer other pieces on top, and perfectly flat so that the additional pieces do not shake or wobble. You could also have more fun with these pieces by choosing colourful, bold options since they'll be slightly muted once you add more pieces on top.     STEP 2: KEEP IT ORGANIZED Since you're stacking multiple pieces, it's important to keep the layout structured and organized. Decorative bowls, dishes, or small trays are the perfect items to stack on top...

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  1. BOLD COLORS Parallel to the runways at this year's fashion week, expect to see a lot of bold, playful colors in interiors. From accent chairs and furniture pieces, to unique decor- color is definitely the #1 trend for this Spring.  2. OPEN SPACES More and more interiors are including open spaces and open concepts. Breaking down walls creates a larger living space, making the possibilities endless when it comes to decorating.  3. CURVED FURNITURE Who doesn't love a unique piece of furniture? Curved and sculptural furniture adds style to any room and pairs perfectly with minimal and traditional pieces. It can elevate a room with just one singular piece. 4. NEUTRALS  Looks like this trend is here to stay. Earth tones, greys, and...

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5 Ways to Style Coloré in Your Home

FROM DECORATIVE TO FUNCTIONAL- WE CAN GUARANTEE YOUR HOME NEEDS SOME COLORÉ. HERE'S 5 WAYS TO STYLE COLORÉ IN YOUR HOME.   1. AS A CENTERPIECE Looking for a unique way to make a statement? Use our XL tray, decorative bowl, or vase for the ultimate centerpiece. Not only do they add a pop of colour, they're a good way to layer and combine with other decor pieces in your home. 2. TO STAY ORGANIZED The possibilities are endless when it comes to organizing with our pieces. Our organizer is the perfect piece for your vanity, bathroom, or office when it comes to keeping an area neat. Use our set of trays to organize bigger items, while layering and stacking...

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WITH A NEW YEAR, COMES NEW DESIGNS AND TRENDS. WE'VE ROUNDED UP THE TOP 5 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IN 2022.   1. GREEN IS THE NEW NEUTRAL Our favorite color is here to stay. In 2021, green became the new black. This year, it’s taking over as the new neutral. From vibrant shades of green, to forest green- you’ll be sure to see more of this color in homes, boutiques, hotels, and the runway. 2. EARTH TONED INTERIORS The color palette for 2022 is tones and textures that you would find in nature. More and more, wood is being integrated into new spaces with furniture and decor pieces ranging in almost every shade of...

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