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As interior designers, we've always known the impact design can have on our lives. However, we'd be designing home, office and vacation hideaways separately - now they all blend into one. This forced us to rethink how we approached not only our homes - but how we make them feel "right" no matter their purpose in the moment.

We believe in trends that stand the test of time (can you even call that a trend ?) Here is a list of design features we are excited to see more of.

Curvy Funiture

We are loving soft silhouettes with rounded edges. These chairs and sofas feel like a big bear hug - and isn't that what we all need? Even better when coupled with textured, cozy fabrics like shearling and bouclé.

Disco Glam

This season's runways were loaded with satin, sequins, and other iconic 1970s styles. One way Interior Design is interpreting this fashion is through lucite accessories and furniture. This is a great way to add colour and personality to a more muted home. Oh, and if you're really loving the vibe - some of us aren't shy to accessorize with a disco ball or two!


While it's all the rage today, it can be traced back to classic architecture used on columns to create vertical ridges and length. We are seeing this detail now on walls, fireplace surrounds, vanities, and vases. This trend pairs beautifully with a neutral or monochrome palette by adding texture to the space.


Ok, hear us out - this one is definitely not new. But it's also not going anywhere. Homeowners are craving clean and uncluttered spaces.

Minimalism is less about stark cold interiors and more about being intentional with what we bring into our spaces. The key is to have hidden storage and proper organization.

Warm up this aesthetic with another huge trend of lime-wash walls and accent plaster furnishings.


Are making a comeback in a big way. Dividers or screens create privacy and much needed zones in open plan concepts.

About us

Caroline and Christina - are co-founders and lead designers at Studio Mint -a multidisciplinary firm specializing in Interior Design, architecture and graphic design.

If you haven't guessed it, they are also sisters.






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