Meet the Founder! 

Coloré was founded in 2019 by Canadian female entrepreneur, Nicolina. The brand specializes in luxury acrylic home decor. Nicolina’s determination and commitment helped turn her passion for design into an international brand. Her bright acrylic trays were what initially put Coloré in the spotlight. However, items such as coasters, organizers, decorative bowls, and vases have since been added to the line. Coloré has it's staple colours which are available throughout the year, but new colours are also released every season. 

Q&A with Nicolina!

1. How did you think of the concept behind Coloré? 

The concept behind Coloré started with a passion. I’ve loved interior decorating and fashion for as long as I can remember. My friends and family would always come to me for anything related to aesthetics. Whether it be rearranging their living room or putting together an outfit! Neon accessories were always a staple in my closet - so starting a company that specifies in neon home decor was just so fitting for me. Basically, I created products that I genuinely love, and I am so proud of that.  

2. Where do you seek inspiration from?

I find my inspiration mostly in high fashion street style. I also consume a lot of interior design content. I want Coloré products to work well within your home but still stand out.

3. What is your favorite luxury brand?

At the moment, I am drawn to everything Bottega Veneta. But check-in with me in a few weeks and I’ll give you a different answer! I also love some of the smaller luxury brands like Dion Lee, Gauge81 and The Attico. 

4. Who is your dream collaboration with?

Virgil Abloh. The irony in his aesthetic really inspires me. He showed the fashion industry how the highest quality designs can also be imperfect. I guess the neon colors were my way of merging luxury and fun! Beautiful things don’t always need to have a conventional look.  

5. Where do you see Coloré in the next few years?

I am currently working on expanding our line of acrylic products. I love the creative process and coming up with new ideas. I would also like to see Coloré design large furniture pieces in the near future.

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